Alwin Roosen

About me

Alwin Roosen

Founder of Team Shoot Supply and owner of the company Shoot Supply.

Started competing at regional IPSC matches in 2014, and quickly got “hooked”. Today it is a really out-of-control kind of hobby ?

I decided by the end of 2014 to open up this little webshop, and start selling all the gear and stuff that I like. The business is now a bit more serious and my goal is to one day being able to live from it.

My ambitions regarding IPSC shooting are quite simple. I would like to get top-5 of Belgium in 2015, which should get me a slot for the European Championships next year. In 2016 my goal is to achieve top-3, and get a slot for the World Shoot in 2017.

The equipment I use

Pistols HPS Limited XS .40S&W
Ammo Vectan BA9 powder
Magtech SP Primers
ARES or H&N 180gr bullets
Gear Guga Ribas Adjustable Holster
Guga Ribas Magazine Pouches
Guga Ribas Belt

Recent accomplishments

Date Match Country Result
2015-11-07 NRW Throphy 2015 (L3) Germany 6th place
2015-10-15 Philippsburger Hexentanz 2015 (L3) Germany 6th place
2015-09-13 Walther Cup Arras (L3) France 3th place
2015-07-05 French Nationals (L3) France 9th place
2015-07-05 KW Druten (L2) The Netherlands 1st place
2015-06-28 BeNeLux Open 2015 (L3) Belgium 7th place
2015-06-14 KW SV Limburgia (L2) The Netherlands 3th place
2015-06-04 Extreme Euro Open 2015 (L3) Czech Republic 33th place
2015-04-11 Landesmeisterschaft LV4 (L2) Germany 10th place
2014-11-08 NRW Throphy 2014 (L3) Germany 10th place

Photos by Christian Kniep