Roller Cam Follower – Performance Upgrade

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This roller cam follower reduces friction and markedly smooths the cycling of the shell case ram in your machine. As a plus, when that friction is reduced, you can much better feel the way the rest of the machine is cycling.

It also eliminates the need for use of grease on the plastic cam as well, cleaning up your operation.

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The four issues addressed by this upgrade are:

  1. Addition of a bearing to the case feed ram cam follower to reduce friction and eliminate the need for lubrication at that point.
  2. Replacement of the factory issue shell plate index detent ball with a low mass industrial bearing to reduce impact energy.
  3. Replacement of the factory issued shell plate index detent ball spring which has the ideal level of pressure to engage the detent ball into the shell plate.
  4. Addition of a bearing atop the shell plate, one that actually fits.

Adjustment is simple. Screw it in there. Leave it too low. Turn it up higher until the case feed ram just barely seats your case to the back of the shell plate, make sure the bearing is lined up right with the cam, then set the jam-nut.

For XL-650 and SL-900

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Product Type

Machine Upgrades

Reloading Machine

Dillon SL 900, Dillon XL 650


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